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Golden Sword

Minecraft Information

This page contains information on a feature which is in Minecraft. Please visit the Minecraft Wiki for more information on the topic.

Pumpkins are crops found in Minecraft: Story Mode. There is also a white variant which is Minecraft: Story Mode exclusive.

Pumpkin (Normal)


A Regular Pumpkin in Minecraft
Name Pumpkin
Owner (s) Ivor,
Soren (formerly, mentioned)
Type Item, Block, Crop
Minecraft Alpha 1.2.0

"I suppose that could be useful if we run into Endermen."
—Jesse src


White Pumpkin (Minecraft: Story Mode Exclusive)

White Pumpkin

White pumpkin standalone
Name White Pumpkin
Owner (s) Jesse,
Cassie Rose/The White Pumpkin
Type Item, Block, Crop
Minecraft N/A

"Uh, yes, I was, And I almost had him until, y'know, he took me by surprise and stuffed this pumpkin on my head."
Lukas to Jesse after getting framed by the White Pumpkin src


  • In "A Portal to Mystery", Cassie Rose's disguise includes a White Pumpkin. Jesse retrieves one after finding Lukas wearing it because of getting framed.
    • There's a farm of White Pumpkins in Cassie's lair.
  • In "Access Denied", Jesse can determinately use a White Pumpkin to help escape the Hostile Mobs. This fails and results in death.


  • Cassie's White Pumpkin also has a voice disguiser which changes her voice into a deeper, raspier, one.
    • When wearing a White Pumpkin in Episode 7, it won't give Jesse a deeper voice, and it will have no yellow eyes.
  • In Episode 6, after the lights go out in the dining room, the Redstone Lamps are replaced by glowing White Pumpkins, which emit a pinkish color.
  • When confronting the White Pumpkin in the library, if Jesse chooses to attack the White Pumpkin instead of fight the spiders, the pumpkin will have a scar on it.
  • In Minecraft, Snow Golems wear Pumpkins on their heads. However, if the Pumpkin is removed using Shears, the original head will become visible.
  • In "Order Up!", Jesse will always find a pumpkin inside the Temple of the Old Builders regardless of which chest he/she chooses to open.


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