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Prismarine Shard

A Prismarine Shard in Minecraft
Name Prismarine Shard
Aliases: Prismarine Crystals (by Jesse)
Owner (s) Ivor
Jesse (Temporarily)
The Order of The Stone (Formerly)
Type Crafting Item
Minecraft 1.8
"We used most of these to craft a Sea Lantern. This is all that remained."
Soren to Jessesrc

A Prismarine Shard is an item in Minecraft: Story Mode. It is a material used in crafting sea lanterns, they are dropped by guardians and elder guardians.



  • In Episode 4, Jesse incorrectly refers to the prismarine shard as a prismarine crystal which are also used to make Sea Lanterns.
  • The Order of the Stone once gave their remaining prismarine shard to Ivor, along with several other treasures to prevent him from revealing their secrets.

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