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"We used most of these to craft a Sea Lantern. This is all that remained."
Soren to Jessesrc

A Prismarine Shard is an item in Minecraft: Story Mode. It is a material used in crafting Sea Lanterns. They are dropped by Guardians and Elder Guardians upon death.


  • In "Hero in Residence", Jesse used prismarine shards and prismarine crystals to craft a Sea Lantern.
    • Jesse also has the choice to craft a block of prismarine with prismarine shards. If Jesse does this, Petra will become angry and craft Sea Lanterns for Jesse. (Determinant).
  • In "Giant Consequences", The Admin drops several prismarine shards when the Prismarine Colossus form is defeated.
    • The people of Beacontown can later be seen rebuilding with blocks of prismarine.


  • In Episode 4, Jesse incorrectly refers to the prismarine shard as "Prismarine Crystals" which are also used to craft Sea Lanterns.
  • The Order of the Stone once gave their remaining prismarine shard to Ivor, along with several other treasures to prevent him from revealing their secrets.
  • Upon taking the prismarine shard, Jesse comments that "Prismarine is such a cool word."

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