"Jesssseeeeeee... Slayer of the Wither Storm... The Old Builders' Downfall... This world’s champion... This world’s mightiest hero... The most worthy... Worthiest in all the land..."
—The Prismarine Gauntlet to Jesse. src

The ​Prismarine Gauntlet is a mysterious prismarine glove found by Jesse in the underground that makes its debut appearance in Season 2, "Hero in Residence". However, when the Admin sticks a new gauntlet to either Petra or Jack's hand, the colours of the Gauntlet turn red.


  • In "Hero in Residence", Jesse finds the gauntlet, which gets stuck to his/her hand.
  • In "Giant Consequences", the gauntlet remains on Jesse's hand before being removed by The Admin. Later, The Admin sticks a new gauntlet on Petra or Jack's hand.


  • The Prismarine Gauntlet is able to open doors in The Admin's Sea Temple.
    • Jack somehow went into the Sea Temple too and seems to know a lot more about the Prismarine Gauntlet than he tells.
      • He also claimed that he found a Prismarine Gauntlet once.
      • It is most likely that Sammy had the original gauntlet on their hand, because when they met Jack, he didn't have one on his hand, and Vos didn't have it, because when the fake Vos was freed, Jack wasn't surprised that he didn't have the gauntlet on his hand.
  • The Prismarine Gauntlet can possibly be tracked down by The Admin, since he found Jesse easily even though he/she was quite difficult to follow.
  • The Admin can probably speak telepathically through the Prismarine Gauntlet. (the whispering voices that Jesse only hears)
  • The Admin said in "Giant Consequences" that he left the Prismarine Gauntlet in order to tempt Jesse to the Sea Temple.
  • The Gauntlet probably updates its colours based on The Admin's appearance everytime it switches owners.


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