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I will make Prismarine Gauntlet useful.

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The ​Prismarine Gauntlet is a mysterious prismarine glove found by Jesse in the underground that makes its debut appearance in Season 2, "Hero in Residence".

Prismarine Gauntlet

Jesse, Petra, and Lluna finding the Prismarine Gauntlet.
Name Prismarine Gauntlet
Aliases: Glove (by Jesse and Stella),
Crazy glove (by Jack)
Owner (s) Jesse,
Jack (possibly and formerly)
Minecraft N/A


  • In "Hero in Residence", Jesse finds the gauntlet, which gets stuck to his/her hand.


  • The Prismarine Gauntlet is able to open doors in the Admin's Sea Temple.
    • Jack somehow went into the Temple too and seems to know a lot more about the Gauntlet than he tells.
      • He also claimed that he found a Prismarine Gauntlet once.
  • The Gauntlet can possibly be tracked down by the Admin, since he found Jesse easily even though he/she was quite difficult to follow.
  • The Admin can probably speak telepathically through the Gauntlet. (the whispering voices Jesse hears)


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