"What are they?! They're kinda zombie-shaped. They sort of sound like zombies, but those are definitely not zombies."
Petra after escaping a room full of Prismarine Foes. src

Prismarine Foes are a group of prismarine statues who help Romeo protect the Sea Temple by killing intruders. They first appear in "Hero in Residence".


There are two main types of Prismarine Foes:

  • Prismarine Soldiers are small Prismarine Foes, around 3 blocks tall. They appear to have a beard, and have glowing, green-blue eyes. Most wield prismarine axes, although some have prismarine bows that fire prismarine arrows, and others have prismarine swords.
  • Prismarine Colossi are huge Prismarine Foes. They are over 20 blocks tall. They too have glowing, green-blue eyes, but have no beards. One of them is used as Romeo's secondary body.



Multiple Prismarine Foes are frozen in the room across from the treasure room where the Structure Blocks are shown. After Jesse chooses a Structure Block, the Prismarine Foes enter the room and attack Jesse's Gang.


  • Their name, "Prismarine Foes," was confirmed in the choice statistics of "Hero in Residence".
  • They have a weak point at the back of their heads. When stabbed in the weak spot, the glow in their eyes fade out, and they die.