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For the portal used to access to The End, see End Portal.
"We landed here after jumping through a portal. A sort of doorway connecting different worlds."
Jesse to PAMAsrc

Portals are a type of structure in both Minecraft and Minecraft: Story Mode that provide access to different dimensions. Minecraft: Story Mode has a number of unique portals that are not available in regular Minecraft.


"The Order of the Stone"

Gabriel has a Nether Portal inside his Temple which Jesse's Gang and Ivor use it to escape from The Wither Storm.

"Assembly Required"

Jesse and Axel or Olivia (determinant) use a Nether Portal to travel to Boom Town or Redstonia (determinant) to retrieve Magnus or Ellegaard (determinant).

"The Last Place You Look"

Jesse's Gang enter an End Portal to look for Soren the Architect in The End. Later, they exit out through the same End Portal.

"A Block and a Hard Place"

When escaping the Wither Storm, Jesse can suggest to build a Portal but realize that the group doesn't have enough materials to build one.

"Order Up!"

  • Jesse's gang (a.k.a, The New Order Of The Stone) and The Blaze Rods enter a Sky City Portal which transports them to Sky City.
    • Later, Jesse's gang enter the Sky City exit portal which transports them to The Portal Network.

"A Portal to Mystery"

The New Order Of The Stone enter the Mansion Portal which transports them to an unknown dimension containing The Mansion

"Access Denied"

Jesse's Gang enter numerous portals, including fire world, ice world, sheep world, water world, squid world, bat world, fancy world, and a world that appears to turn everything horizontal. Later, they eventually decide to enter the Crown Mesa Portal which transports them to a dimension containing the town of Crown Mesa.

  • Later another portal is lowered down to a stairway.

"A Journey's End?"

The gang finds the exit portal to the Overworld.

Below the Bedrock

Jesse and the gang use a portal to get back to the Overworld.


  • There is a fake Mansion Portal built by Cassie Rose which doesn't work.
    • It can be assumed that the Portals only work when they are in the exact location.
    • Alternatively, it may be not the true scheme of Mansion Portal, as the difference of the cobweb can be seen. This means that the portals need to be built exactly, block for block.
  • Some portals in the portal hallway have different corresponding Enchanted Flint and Steels.
    • The Sky City Portal has a corresponding cyan Enchanted Flint and Steel.
    • The Mansion has a corresponding lime-green Enchanted Flint and Steel.
    • It is unknown if the Crown Mesa Portal has has a corresponding Enchanted Flint and Steel. Same goes with the other unknown portals in the Portal Netowork.
  • In A Block and a Hard Place, Jesse can suggest to build a Nether portal to help Axel and Petra/Gabriel flee from the Wither Storms. (Determinant)


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