Looking for the food and item, Porkchop?

"You think any of this down here is 'right?' 'Right' went out of the window with the rest of the sky!"
—PorkChop to Jesse about the bedrocking. src

PorkChop is the leader of the Scavengers and character in Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two. They first appeared in "Below the Bedrock" and are voiced by Malie Flanagan.



They wear a pig costume, blue gown, and have red pupils.


PorkChop only helps others in return for something that benefits them. If Jesse and Jack give them their swords, they are more friendly, but if Jesse and Jack refuse to give PorkChop their swords, they leave Jesse and Jack to die. PorkChop is true to their word, however; when Jesse gives them the swords, they help Jesse and Jack as they promised.


  • Enchanted Iron Sword (Determinant)
  • Two or One Diamond Sword(s) (Determinant)


  • It was confirmed that PorkChop is non-binary.[1]
    • This makes them the first human character in Minecraft: Story Mode to not be male or female.
    • However, Telltale Games was forced to pick a gender for PorkChop in some language translations.
    • They are also the only confirmed LGBT character in Minecraft: Story Mode.


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