"I don't wanna stoop to his level."
—Petra advising Jesse's Gang not to steal from Ivorsrc

Petra is a main character and a major protagonist in Minecraft: Story Mode. She is a warrior who usually gathers resources for people in exchange for a price. She is also a member of Jesse's Gang. She is voiced by Ashley Johnson. She first appeared in "The Order of the Stone".



Petra has pale skin and auburn hair. She wears a turquoise bandana, a black vest, dark blue shirt, black shorts, and black boots, she also have a long black sleeve on her left arm, and a finger-less glove on her right hand. It is also note worthy that Petra is the only female in the entire game to not have lipstick. After or during fighting the Wither Storm, Petra obtains her armor, made of blue steel and gold linings and a diamond placed in the chest plate.

In Season 2, Petra's mouth has noticeably lowered, and has abandoned most of her armor, revealing her to mostly be wearing her original outfit that she wore before obtaining her armor. Petra most likely damaged her armor during her travels as she is only wearing parts of it, these parts being the right shoulder-pad and tasset, and her chest plate is missing most of its previous contents such as the diamond. If Petra becomes Romeo's "champion" her remaining armor and clothing, including her bandana, is changed to black and red, representing the colors of Romeo's armor.


Petra is a warrior-like character, but despite this, helps anyone for the right price, even those she thinks are arrogant. She will protect the people she cares about even if it is dangerous. She has a competitive nature and is always ready to have a contest against her friends. She also has great determination and is fiercely loyal to her allies. She can also be very greedy for treasure sometimes, as she chased Ivor all over EnderCon for a diamond and went on the adventure to the Temple of the Old Builders simply hoping for treasure.



"If you hadn't saved me... Well, I owe you everything, Jesse."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant) src

Jesse is Petra’s best friend. Though it's unknown how they met, they have known each other for a very long time. At first, Petra appears to find Jesse annoying, but soon, they become allies, and help each other. Later, she becomes a member of Jesse's gang and helps them fight the Wither Storm. Petra also confides in her secrets to Jesse in Episode 2 if she is saved in Episode 1, showing that she trusts him/her. If she is Romeo's "champion" in "Jailhouse Block", she is reluctant to attack and kill Jesse, during a little battle with him/her under Romeo's command, even though she was forced to do it. She does not want Jesse to leave her, even if she leaves Beacontown, as she mentioned it in "Below the Bedrock".


"Hey, how about you take a massive chill pill and we find it first."
—Petra to Ivor.  src

Petra and Ivor do not share a good relationship. As of Episode 5, Petra is the only person who still holds a grudge against Ivor. Sometimes she disciplines him when he gets too excited or being angry. Throughout the episode, Petra is constantly annoyed at him and refuses to help him when he is about to get arrested. In Episode 6, however, it is revealed that she does care about him, when she refuses to let The White Pumpkin do anything bad to him. When Ivor stands up for Lukas when Cassie Rose wants to lock him in the closet, Petra is surprised.


"I don't wanna stoop to his level."
—Petra. src

Axel is often seen to be concerned about Petra, and Petra in return appreciates his efforts. They seem to be very close, and Petra often calls Axel "The Big Guy" of the group. If Jesse tells Axel about her Wither Sickness, Axel will attempt to give Petra a hug. In Episode 4, if she has amnesia and Jesse decides to tell Petra about Axel, Jesse will say Axel is practically obsessed with her.


"Oh, Petra! I'm so happy for you!"
—Olivia happy to see Petra recovered from Wither Sickness or Amnesia. (Determinant) src

Olivia and Petra are not seen interacting a lot. However, Olivia is very happy for Petra when she recovers from either Wither or Amnesia.

Reuben (Pig)

"He was a great pig."
—Petra comforting Jesse. src

Though Reuben and Petra are not seen interacting a lot, Petra likes Reuben and sees him as a helpful pig. While Petra is suffering from "Wither Amnesia," she appears to be disgusted by the mere presence of Reuben, (since he's a pig), and denies his company, which saddens him. However, she is saddened by his death and mourns alongside Jesse.


"You know, Lukas may be kind of arrogant, but he has come through for me in tricky situations. You might wanna get to know him, just in case."
—Petra to Jesse about Lukas. src

Petra and Lukas are very good friends. When they join Jesse's gang, they are often worrying about each other, when they see that something is wrong. Also, as seen in Episode 6, they also make friendly little bets with each other occasionally.

Gabriel the Warrior

"Did you say... Gabriel?"
—Petra surprised to see that Jesse had found Gabriel. (Determinant) src

Petra and Gabriel seem very similar, as they are great fighters, and Petra also has great respect for Gabriel.  


Petra is a fan of Jack and they seem to be really good friends, too. They share their interest in adventure and both of them are great warriors.

Death (Respawn)

Killed by

  • Nell (Indirectly and determinant)
  • Piston Trap (Determinant)
  • Clutch (Determinant)

If Ivor is saved, Petra along with Lukas will be suffocated in a wall earlier during their first Spleef game, but both will respawn afterwards. If Petra is saved, eventually, she will have her sword knocked out of her hand by Slab while trying to protect Jesse, then stabbed to death by Clutch with a diamond axe. She will respawn afterwards.



Season 1

Season 2


"For the right price, I'll help anyone."
—Petra to Axel about helping The Ocelotssrc
"Consider it my charitable act for the day."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Jesse, a lever's not gonna do you much good in a fight, is it?"
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"How about a lecture on the power of my fists? It's short. But deadly."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Whatever we do, we do it together."
—Petra to Jesse. src
"Don't you know? You dive INTO the water - you don't land on top of it."
—Petra. src
"I'm less scared of you than scared for you."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Given your personality, life experience, and everything else you've done to make it to this moment? Yes."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"The hell? Why'd I risk my neck for that skull if he's got two of them already?"
—Petra, in question to the fact that Ivor has two more Wither Skeleton Skulls. src
"Enough! I'm calling a moratorium on moping."
—Petra to Axel. (Determinant) src
"I'm not trying to freak you out, but I'm a little bit freaked out right now. "
—Petra. (Determinant) src
"This is a nightmare! Am I awake?"
—Petra with amnesia, riding away from the Witherstorm. (Determinant) src
"No. No way. I'm not a quitter! "
—Petra to Olivia, Axel, and Jesse. (Determinant) src
"That was amazing. Get it? A-maze-ing? "
—Petra with amnesia. (Determinant) src
"Secret passageway! Cool!"
—Petra with amnesia. (Determinant) src
"Who's Petra? ...Kidding!"
—Petra joking about her amnesia. (Determinant) src
"Ivor, I know you mean well. But your house wants to kill people."
—Petra to Ivor. src
"He didn't die in some accident Jesse, he sacrificed himself, he was a hero. "
—Petra to Jesse, talking about Reuben. (Determinant) src
"No, no, no, let's not do that."
—Petra to Build Club Members. (Determinant) src
—Petra. (Determinant) src
"Verdict says... definitely not our world. You owe me two iron, Lukas."
—Petra to Lukas. src
"Sorry Jesse, I just really needed to get that off my chest."
—Petra to Jesse. src
"Maybe in addition to walking through walls, he can fly for all we know. Ugh!"
—Petra to Jesse. src
"Sorry, I was whittling earlier, nervous habit."
—Petra to Jesse, when she pulls out sticks from her inventory. src
"Cats really give me the creeps. No offense, Stampy."
—Petra to Stampy Cat. src
"You're doing great, Jesse. Now go in for the kill. Metaphorically."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Brutal; I like it. "
—Petra agreeing with Jesse's punishment for The White Pumpkin. (Determinant) src
"Jesse... that was... awful."
—Petra to Jesse after being un-chipped. (Determinant) src
"I'm tired of all this useless portal-hopping trying to find our way home!"
—Petra frustrated in The Portal Networksrc
"Maybe I'm just saying that I'm tired of Jesse calling the shots. Every. Single. Time."
—Petra arguing about Jesse. src
"Really? Oh, I don't remember when we all voted to elect you the boss of me."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Ugh... you know I like you Jesse, but you drive me nuts sometimes."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Hey Hadrian! Over here!"
—Petra to Hadrian, when Jesse and Hadrian are confronting each other on an obsidian bridge. src
"You were on time today, and that was great, but it's hard to ignore that none of my friends are ever around anymore."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Awesome, we found it! Oh, your owner is going to be so happy to see you!"
—Petra, when she and Jesse find Llunasrc
"Some sort of... Heckmouth?"
—Petra, when she first sees the hole with charged creepers. src
"Try not to explode."
—Petra to Radar. (Determinant) src
"No no, not the hurt face. Ahh, I hate that face."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"You're glad, and I'm mad. That's a combo I can work with."
—Petra to Jesse after breaking out of the Sunshine Institute. (Determinant) src
"You mean a lot to me Jesse, I-- More than anyone else, you've been there... and I don't want to leave if that means... you're my best friend Jesse."
—Petra to Jesse in the cabin. src


  • Ashley Johnson, Petra's voice actor, voiced Gortys in Telltale GamesTales From the Borderlands and Ellie in The Last of Us - Part 1. She is also known as the voice of Gwen Tennyson from the Ben 10 series (from Alien Force to the present). She even voices Gretchen Grundler from Recess, and Terra from Teen Titans.
    • Yuri Lowenthal, Radar's voice actor, also voiced in the Ben 10 series alongside Ashley Johnson, as Ben Tennyson.
  • Even if Petra doesn't go to the Far Lands because of weakening Wither Sickness, she still gets armor in Episode 5.
  • If the player chooses to save her from the Wither Storm in "The Order of the Stone", Petra appears in every episode of Minecraft Story Mode.
  • Petra is the warrior of The New Order of the Stone.
  • Petra always has her right sleeve rolled up (except when she is wearing her armor from Season 1), it is unknown why.
  • In the season 2 pre-release art, Petra is shown wearing a gauntlet on her left hand, however in game she is not wearing it. However though, if Petra becomes Romeo's champion, she has a gauntlet on her left hand. This is most likely a mistake.


For all images related to Petra, see Petra/Gallery.


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