For other uses, see Mobs (Disambiguation).

Passive Mobs are harmless mobs that are seen throughout the episodes of Minecraft: Story Mode.

List of Passive Mobs

Notable Passive Mobs


Groups in Minecraft: Story Mode
Jesse's Gang JesseOliviaAxelReubenPetraLukasRadarIvor
The Blaze Rods AidenMayaGill
The Old Order of the Stone SorenGabrielMagnusEllegaard
Sky City Citizens IsaBenedictMiloSky City GuardsPhillipe
YouTubers CaptainSparklezLizzieDanStacyStampyAnthony
Crown Mesa Citizens HarperHarryPAMA
The Old Builders HadrianMeviaOtto
Competitors EmilyNellHerzogGladiators
Beacontown's Residents BobFangirl
Champion City's Residents StellaLlunaRodrigo
Jack's Group JackNurmVosSammy
Inmates of the Sunshine Institute TerryBrickRobCarmineOxbloodThe Warden

The Admins

Passive Mobs and Hostile Mobs PigsCowsSheepChickensHorsesOcelots/CatsWolvesSquidsCreepersZombiesSkeletons SpidersCave SpidersGhastsWitchesBlazesEndermitesGuardiansElder GuardiansIcy Ender CreepeesShulkersIce SpidersStraysCreedersGeoff
People that are alive and groups that are still together appear in green. People that are deceased and groups that have disbanded members appear in red. People that haven't been seen and groups that haven't been seen appear in blue. People and groups that are determinant appear in pink.

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