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PAMA's Control Core

PAMA Revealed
The Redstone Heart, the main source for PAMA.
Name PAMA's Control Core
Type Control center
Location Inside PAMA
Inhabitants Mind-Controlled Citizens,
Hostile Mobs,
"That tunnel there leads to PAMA's Control Core!"
Harper to Jesse src

PAMA's Control Core is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode that appeared in "Access Denied". Built by Harper, it was the control center of PAMA.



PAMA's Control Center was located inside a mountain behind PAMA. It could only be entered through a small tunnel, which was guarded by hostile mobs and the Crown Mesa citizens.


PAMA's Control Core consisted of three Redstone spires which powered PAMA's heart. It also had PAMA's internal screen, which was completely red.



  • The Control Core serves as the stage for the final battle in "Access Denied".

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