Olivia S2
Olivia in "Hero in Residence"
Name Olivia
Aliases Ma'am (by Radar),
Goggle Girl (by Ellegaard, determinant)
Gender Female
Species Human
Latest Known Status Alive (S2, Ep1)
Affiliation Jesse's Gang,
The New Order of the Stone,
Leader of Redstonia or Assistant of Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer
Allies Jesse,
Reuben (Pig),
Gabriel the Warrior,
Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer,
Magnus the Rogue,
Soren the Architect (Formerly),
Enemies Ivor (Formerly),
The Wither Storm,
Lukas (Formerly),
Axel (Occasionally),
Hostile Mobs
First Appearance "The Order of the Stone"
Latest Appearance "Hero in Residence"
"Would you rather fight a hundred chicken sized zombies, or ten zombie sized chickens?"
—Olivia to Jessesrc

Oliva is a protagonist in Minecraft: Story Mode. She is an expert Builder and Redstone Engineer, and one of Jesse's best friends. She is voiced by Martha Plimpton in Season 1 and by Natasha Loring in Season 2. She first appeared in "The Order of the Stone".



Season 1

Olivia has dark brown skin and black hair with two ponytails. She wears white earrings, and she also has a yellow-green beanie wearing a pair of black goggles over it. After Episode 4, she gets new black, red, and gold armor similar to Ellegaard's.

Season 2

Olivia now has a red dress with gold dots on it, and she no longer has her ponytails.


Olivia appears to be a very intelligent and caring character who is easily worried. She is often not very confident, but still tries to make the best out of the situations, regardless of how dire they are. She is also constantly worried about what others think about her and her friends. She seems to be very negative about a situation, and even thinks about giving up in the process.



Olivia is one of Jesse's best friends. She cares and supports him/her whenever she can, and Jesse in return often encourages Olivia when she feels negative.


Though Axel and Olivia are often portrayed as polar opposites and often disagree with each other, they never shy away from helping each other in dire situations and are still friends.

Reuben (Pig)

Olivia often doubts Reuben's abilities since he is a pig, and sees him as more of a liability. However, after Reuben saves Jesse and the Gang, she mourns with the rest of the gang and changes her opinion about him.


Olivia sees Petra as a very mysterious figure in the beginning of the game. They don't interact much, but Olivia seems to have respect for Petra as a fighter and builder.

Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer

Olivia is a huge fan of Ellegaard and sometimes even seems to worship her. She sees that Ellegaard judges her, especially when she fainted in front of her, back in Redstonia. She takes Ellegaard's opinion highly, as seen when believes that she "doesn't have what it takes to be a great engineer" only because Ellegaard said that.

Soren the Architect

Olivia, at various points of the game, feels Soren is crazy, seeing his unusual hobbies and interests. 


Olivia, like the rest of the gang, used to see Ivor as the villain. However, after the truth about The Order of the Stone  is revealed and Ivor gifts the gang with armor and weapons, her opinion about him changes.


Olivia and Lukas have a stable relationship, and are good friends. She also accepted Lukas as part of the group, much faster than Axel did. If you let Lukas leave the player's base in episode one, Olivia will glare at you and say, "You happy now?"



"Would you rather fight a hundred chicken sized zombies or ten zombie sized chickens?"
—Olivia to Jesse, and Lukassrc
Jesse: "Can you throw up... like, inside your body?"
Olivia: "Uh-huh. I know because i just did, about five times."
—Olivia and Jesse. src
"I thought that I was your best friend!"
—Olivia. src
"So, does this source of yours make posters for a living?"
—Olivia. src
"Subtle, as a punch to the face."
—Olivia to Jesse at EnderConsrc
"If the Order can't do this, how are we supposed to?"
—Olivia in the Far Landssrc
"She wants me to do something for her? What if I screw it up? What if I- Oh, I feel, lightheaded... *faints*"
—Olivia. src
"You mean, Lukas and Petra are still with you? That's such a relief!"
—Olivia to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"You guys are working way too hard!"
—Olivia at the Old Builder Temple. src
"That Atlas is so cool. I'm so glad Otto let you keep it."
—Olivia at the Order Hallsrc
"Awww. So freaking cute!"
—Olivia about Radarsrc


  • The quote, "Would you rather fight a hundred chicken sized zombies or ten zombie sized chickens?" refers to the quote, "Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?".
  • Olivia is the first to ask Jesse a question; her first sentence said triggers the choice options.
  • Depending on what you answer to Olivia's question - "Would you rather fight a hundred chicken sized zombies or ten zombie sized chickens?" - Hadrian and Mevia are sent to a place with either chicken sized zombies or zombie-sized chickens at the end of the credits in Episode 8.
  • Olivia and Axel are the only members of Jesse's gang who didn't die and respawn in ​"A Journey's End?".
  • Instead of Martha Plimpton, the voice actress who voiced Olivia in Season 1, Natasha Loring took the role and voiced Olivia for Season 2.


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