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This page contains information on a feature which is in Minecraft. Please visit the Minecraft Wiki for more information on the topic.

This page is about the mob. For the building team, see The Ocelots.

Ocelots or cats are passive mobs in Minecraft: Story Mode that can be tamed by players.


In Minecraft: Story Mode, only two types of ocelots are seen:

  • Untamed ocelots
  • Tamed calico cats (Story Mode exclusive)



  • In Minecraft, ocelots can be tamed by feeding them any type of raw fish. Once tamed, ocelots will turn into cats, switching to a random cat texture.
  • In Minecraft, tamed ocelots like to sit on chests so that the player cannot use them. The White Pumpkin's calico cats exhibit this behavior in A Portal to Mystery.
  • In Minecraft, Creepers will avoid both wild and tamed ocelots, although the two mobs have no contact in Minecraft: Story Mode.
  • In Minecraft: Story Mode, wild ocelots seem to roar and growl like ocelots in real life, which they do not do in Minecraft.
  • In "A Journey's End?", if Jesse chooses not to explain why Harper brought them to The Old Builders world then Hadrian will say "ocelot got your tongue?".
    • Later, during The Walls, Hadrian mentions that "the competitor's are like wild ocelots."
  • In "Jailhouse Block", Radar talks about Xara saying "I'l tell you what, she is as crazy as a hopped-up ocelot."


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