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An Obsidian block in Minecraft
Name Obsidian
Owner (s) Hadrian,
Type Block
Minecraft Classic 0.26 SURVIVAL TEST 9
Hadrian: "There. That should keep you quiet."
Mevia: "No one gets out of obsidian."
Hadrian and Mevia to Jessesrc

Obsidian is a block in Minecraft: Story Mode. In a Minecraft world, it is considered to be the hardest block which humans can use.



  • Obsidian can only be broken using a Diamond Pickaxe.
  • In Minecraft, even using a diamond pickaxe with Efficiency V, a block of obsidian still requires 2.55 seconds to crack; however, The Old Builders' diamond pickaxes crack Obsidian instantly, as shown by Jesse on the obsidian bridge.
    • This implies they have a more powerful enchantment.


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