"Guys, this is Nurm--my other half. He's the genius behind all of our fine maps."

Nurm is a main character in Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2. He first appeared in "Hero in Residence" and is voiced by Mark Barbolak.



Nurm is a cartographer villager. He wears a green hat with a black stripe and a white feather stuck into it. He has a gold belt and cuffs.


Nurm doesn't talk much. But he does fight in "Jailhouse Block", when he uses two iron axes to fight hostile mobs. He is very intelligent and can get scared in tough situations. He is also considerate of others, shown in "Jailhouse Block", when he offers to stay behind in the prison so Lluna can leave.



Jesse and Nurm seem to have a good relationship, and Nurm has been shown to care for Jesse, as they can hug in Giant Consequences and Jailhouse Block, he even volunteers to stay behind in Cellblock X so Jesse and Lluna can safely leave the Sunshine Institute.


Nurm appears to be close with Jack. He depends on him most of the time, and Jack takes care of him in return. Also, if Nurm is left behind in Xara's place in her cell, Jack mourns over Nurm being left behind, and wants to get him back.


Although the real Vos and Nurm are never seen interacting with each other, before Nurm went to the Sea Temple with Jack and Sammy and the real Vos died, they were said to be friends.


Although they were never seen interacting, Sammy was said to be friends with Nurm before they died in the Sea Temple many years ago.


Nurm and Petra do not interact much, but they are fine with each other's company, evident by Petra and Nurm talking to each other while meeting up with Jack and "Vos."


Even though Lukas and Nurm do not interact, Lukas and Nurm do not seem to mind each other's company.


Same with Lukas, even though they do not interact much, Radar and Nurm do not seem to mind each other's company.


Although Nurm and Lluna don't interact very much, Nurm has shown to care for Lluna, this is shown in Jailhouse Block when he volunteers to stay in Xara's cell so that Lluna can go with Jesse, and is very upset if Jesse leaves Lluna behind.



If Nurm was brought over Lluna in the Sunshine Institute, he is known as alive.


If Lluna was brought over Nurm, he will be left behind, and unknown.


—Nurm. src


  • Two Iron Axes (Determinant)



  • Nurm is the first named villager and the only seen villager by the player in Minecraft: Story Mode.
  • Nurm and Jack own an emporium together, making a reference to normal Minecraft where villagers can trade items.
  • Nurm is thought to know other ancient scripts, due to him being able to read the runes in the Sea Temple.
  • Nurm is the only villager to appear in Minecraft: Story Mode so far.
  • Nurm was confirmed to be a "cartographer" villager.[1]
  • In "Jailhouse Block", Nurm is shown backing away in fear from zombies, this is a reference to villagers in normal Minecraft fearing zombies.
  • It is confirmed by Eric Stirpe that Nurm's vocal cords allow him to only speak Villagerese. [2]




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