Nohr holding the amulet. (Determinant)
Name Nohr
Gender Female
Species Human
Latest Known Status Alive (Ep4)
Affiliation Griefers
Allies TNT Dustin,
Enemies Jesse (determinant, formerly),
Reuben (Pig) (determinant),
The Wither Storm (determinant)
First Appearance "Assembly Required" (Determinant)
Latest Appearance "A Block and a Hard Place",
"Hero in Residence" (Mentioned)
"Bunch of noobs!"
—Nohr to TNT Dustin about Jesse, Axel, and Reuben (Pig). (Determinant). src

Nohr is a minor antagonist in Minecraft: Story Mode and a resident of Boom Town. She appeared as a determinant character in "Assembly Required" as a Griefer. She is voiced by Ursula Taherian.



Nohr appears to be a young, female griefer who has blue hair, wears a pink shirt, and has a black mask. 


Nohr is a griefer and loves to destroy things. She is ruthless, and is willing to use any means necessary to get what she wants. She is also ambitious, and hoped to find Magnus in order to become the king of Boom Town.



"You know what you remind me of? This song I had stuck in my head once. I just couldn't get it to go away!"
—Nohr to Jesse. src
"Hey, know what the best time of year is to visit Boom Town? Boom! Aaaahahaha!"
—Nohr to Jesse when activating a trap. src
"I hope it's not to give a fashion consultation because... sheesh."
—Nohr to Jesse, Axel, and Reuben. (Determinant) src
"I bet future Nohr is very successful."
—Nohr to herself. src
"Bunch of scavengers! This drop is mine!"
—Nohr to grieferssrc


  • Other than Magnus and TNT Dustin, she is one of the few named citizens of Boom Town.
  • If Jesse chooses to chase Nohr (determinant), then she will activate a Piston trap, causing Jesse to fall through a building.
  • If Jesse goes to Boom Town, Nohr will be the first human character in the game who can directly kill Jesse.
  • Depending on the choice, Nohr may appear in the crowd during the end of "A Block and a Hard Place" without her mask.
  • It was confirmed from one of Radar's quotes in "Hero in Residence" that Nohr works with Axel to run Boom Town.


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