Nell Ep2
Nell in "Giant Consequences".
Name Nell
Gender Female
Species Human
Latest Known Status Alive
Affiliation A Competitor (formerly),
The Games (formerly)
Allies Jesse's Gang,
Emily (formerly and currently),
Other Competitors,
Enemies Hadrian,
Otto (formerly),
Jesse's Gang (formerly),
Em (temporarily),
Other Competitors (formerly),
Gladiators (formerly),
The Admin
First Appearance "A Journey's End?"
Latest Appearance "Giant Consequences"
"Listen, I still feel super bad about taking out your friend."
—Nell to Jesse in the Competitors' Villagesrc

Nell is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode who debuts in "A Journey's End?". She is voiced by Julianne Buescher.



Nell has blonde hair with a red hair clip on the left side and and a white one on the other, blue eyes and light-colored skin. In Episode 8, her attire includes a green and gray competitor's uniform, a brown necklace, and a single gray and green shoe on her left foot. She also has a red, green and white anklet on her right foot.


Nell appears to be a kind individual and is always polite, even to her Competitors. She is quite good-natured, as shown when even after Jesse attacked her once/twice she is still quite friendly towards him/her.


"Dude! That was SO Tim! Righteous!"
—Nell to Jesse after being saved. (Determinant) src
"Hey, hey, hey, whoa! This is a misunderstanding dude! What are you doing?!"
—Nell being brutally attacked by Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Looks like that should be enough for some epic loafage."
—Nell to Jesse after collecting enough wheat to make bread. src
"Like max level scariness, OK? Boo!"
—Nell talking about the Gladiators during Jesse's speech. (Determinant) src
"Yeah, I didn't think we could throw TNT back at the Gladiators. Nice one, brah. "
—Nell to Jesse at the end of the Spleef contest.  src
"Yeah, I can totally see why you'd be confused..."
—Nell to Gladiators. (Determinant) src
"No way, dude! I got a double!"
—Nell after she eliminated Lukas and Ivor/Petra. src
"Whoa. This is majorly bogus, dudes."
—Nell to Hadrian and Mevia. (Determinant) src
"I can see why you're mad, and I can feel that, but *I* didn't make the rules, that's *them*!"
—Nell to Jesse about The Old Builders in "A Journey's End?src
"I can, like, do this!"
—Nell during the Spleef match. src

Death (Re-spawned, Determinant)

Killed By

  • Jesse (Indirectly and determinant)
  • Emily (Determinant)

On the vine wall after Gladiator Junction in the Lava Race, if Jesse chooses to beat Emily or do nothing, Nell will fall in lava and die, but will later respawn.

​Killed Victims


  • Even though Nell is a member of the green team, she says she would rather be on Jesse's team.
  • Nell speaks similarly to Reuben (Human), as they both say "dude," "brah," and "whoa" a lot. She also speaks similar to a surfer.
  • If Jesse decides to be silent during his/her motivational speech, Nell will say "But that stare of yours is filling me with... determination." This might have been an ​Undertale reference.
  • After Jesse's speech, Nell can be seen winking at Jesse as she leaves along with the rest of the crowd.


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