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Mob Grinder

The Mob Grinder
Name Mob Grinder
Founder(s): Soren the Architect
Type Mob Grinder
Level Underground
Location Soren's Fortress, in the Overworld.
Inhabitants Hostile Mobs

The Mob Grinder is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode  that appears in "The Last Place You Look". It is owned by Soren the Architect.



Soren's Mob Grinder is a gigantic automated mob farm located inside Soren's Fortress, in the Overworld. The Mob Grinder was originally built by Soren for the purpose of harvesting loot from Hostile Mobs.


Soren's Mob Grinder is a gigantic artificial cavern with countless large rectangular pipes set into the walls. The rectangular pipes are mainly constructed out of Stone blocks and Stone Slabs with different colored wool making up the roofs. The grinding mechanism contains two layers of pistons powered by a redstone circuit which push against each other in opposite directions, crushing any entity that fall into it.




  • The grinding mechanism was destroyed by a Creeper that Jesse threw down during "The Last Place You Look".


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