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The Minecraft Story Mode Wiki Chat may be a free chatting place in the community, but there still are certain guidelines you must follow while in chat.

Please follow the following guidelines to ensure you have a hassle free experience in chat:

Section 1: Behavior


Insults and swearing will not be tolerated at all in chat. A warning may be issued or the offending user may be kicked.

Private Messaging

Anything that happens in PM will usually not be managed by staff. However, if several users all complain that a person is harassing them in PM, the offending user will be banned.

Section 2: Spam


Emoticons are allowed but please do not excessively use them. Excessively using them means making the same emoji more than five times in a row.


All capital letters should be used sparingly as they may cause some users' screen to lag.


Using space+shift excessively is not allowed. The offending user will either get warned or kicked, depending on how big the space is.


Roleplaying is allowed only if everyone in chat is okay with it. If an admin tells you to stop, you stop without complaining.

Other languages

You may only say phrases in other languages. You may not continue to speak other languages in complete sentences. A mod will warn you and then kick you.

Section 3: Hierarchy

Bureaucrats and/or admins may choose to kick/ban other admins, moderators, and chat moderators. If the chat moderator, moderator, or admin is continuously unbanning themselves, they may be demoted.

Section 4: Moderator guidelines

1. Screenshots and witnesses are not proof of incidents.

2. Do not ban users for misbehaviour after the incident if you did not see it yourself.

3. Do not be biased to your friends and not kick them if they misbehave.

4. People who claim to have their account used by someone else or claim to hve a mental illness should not be listened to unless you can confirm that it is true.

5. Chat moderators who break the rules will be kicked and banned.

6. Chat moderators who break the rules several times will be demoted without question.

7. Do not listen to ban appeals. Tell the user to wait it out. If they spam, either warn them if you are an admin or bureaucrat or report it to one.

We thank you for following these guidelines and hope you enjoy your stay in chat!

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