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Minecraft Information

This page contains information on a feature which is in Minecraft. Please visit the Minecraft Wiki for more information on the topic.


A Minecart in Minecraft
Name Minecart
Aliases: None
Owner (s) Axel or Olivia (Determinant),
The Order of the Stone,
Type Transportation

A Minecart is a transport vehicle used in Minecraft: Story Mode. It allows users to travel far distances at high speeds over rails.



  • In Minecraft, a Minecart requires boosts (Powered Rails) within a certain distance all the way to go further, or it will slow down; while in Minecraft: Story Mode, only an initial boost is required.
  • In Episode 4, if Jesse asks Ivor if they can travel any faster, he will say: "Not unless you have a minecart."
  • In Episode 6, DanTDM drops a Diamond Minecart if he is killed (Determinant).


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