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Mind-Control Headset

Jesse wearing the Mind Control Headset
Name Mind-Control Headset
Aliases: Transmigrational Headset (by Harper)
Owner (s) Harper (Formerly)
Type Tool

The Mind-Control Headset, or Trans-migrational Headset, is a tool found exclusively in Minecraft: Story Mode that featured in "Access Denied". It can be used to hack into and control entities that have the Mind Control Chips installed.



  • When Jesse is wearing the Mind Control Headset, he/she can see the text 'Harper v' on-screen.
  • The Mind Control Headset seems to resemble a VR Headset.
  • The Mind Control Headset allows the wearer to "migrate" between different Hostile Mobs installed with Mind Control Chips.
    • It is unknown whether it can hack Mind Controlled Persons.
  • The Mind Control Headset used to be textureless, as seen in the Official Trailer for "Access Denied".
  • The Mind Control Headset resembles an iron helmet if the goggles are removed.


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