Mind-Control Chips are items found exclusively in Minecraft: Story Mode. They are small chips used by PAMA to control the Mind-Controlled Citizens and hostile mobs.


  • In "Access Denied", the citizens of Crown Mesa and hostile mobs have chips on them.
  • In "A Journey's End?", if Jesse saves Ivor in the Spleef field, Ivor drops a mind control chip when he gets slashed by a gladiator in the face (determinant). Or, if Jesse does not save Ivor in Spleef, a mind control chip will be dropped in the squash pit.



The chip's appearance to not much described, rather than made of redstone.


When a human/mob is chipped, their memories are sent to PAMA, and PAMA is able to control them.


If a mind control chip is submerged in water, it will be destroyed.


  • When worn by an entity, the Mind-Control Chips will make them stronger, tougher and faster. They also change the eye color of entities to red and allow PAMA to freely control their minds and memories.
  • According to Petra/Lukas, their "chipping" made them become one with PAMA, sharing every piece of information with everybody else who was chipped. Their experience was described as "a fuzzy dream".
  • Entities wearing the Mind Control Chips can be hacked using the Mind-Control Headset, which changes the red eyes into a sort of a blue color.
  • When Jesse removes the Redstone Heart from PAMA's core, all Mind Control Chips are destroyed, or at least deactivated, as Petra/Lukas was seen wearing one despite being in control of themselves. A deactivated Mind Control Chip is red in appearance, but doesn't glow like when PAMA was still running.
  • PAMA has a machine which chips humans and mobs.