Mind-Control Chip

Harper holding a Mind Control Chip.
Aliases: Strange Object (Game)
Redstone Chips (by PAMA)
Redstone Things (by Jesse)
Owner (s) PAMA,
Mind Controlled Citizens,
Hostile Mobs,
Harry (Human)
Type Device
Minecraft N/A
Mind-Control Chips are items found exclusively in Minecraft: Story Mode. They are small chips used by PAMA to control some Mind-Controlled Citizens and Hostile Mobs.


  • In "Access Denied", the citizens of Crown Mesa and Hostile Mobs have chips on them.
  • In "A Journey's End?", if Jesse saves Ivor in the Spleef field, Ivor drops a mind control chip when he gets slashed by a gladiator in the face (determinant). Or if Jesse does not save Ivor in Spleef, a mind control chip will be dropped in the squash pit.



The chip's appearance to not much described, rather than made of redstone.


When a Human/Mob is chipped, their memories are sent to PAMA, and PAMA is able to control them.


If a Mind Control Chip is submerged in water, it will be destroyed.


  • When worn by an entity, the Mind Control Chips will make them stronger, tougher and faster. They also change the eye color of entities to red and allow PAMA to freely control their minds and memories.
  • According to Petra/Lukas, their "chipping" made them become one with PAMA, sharing every piece of information with everybody else who was chipped. Their experience was described as "a fuzzy dream".
  • Entities wearing the Mind Control Chips can be hacked using the Mind Control Headset, which changes the red eyes into a sort of a blue color.
  • When Jesse removes the Redstone Heart from PAMA's core, all Mind Control Chips are destroyed, or at least deactivated, as Petra/Lukas was seen wearing one despite being in control of themselves. A deactivated Mind Control Chip is red in appearance, but doesn't glow like when PAMA was still running.
  • PAMA has a machine which chips Humans and Mobs.


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