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The Maze

Soren and Jesse's Gang outside The Maze.
Name The Maze
Founder(s): Ivor
Aliases Crazy Maze (by Jesse)
Type Maze
Level Underground
Location Far Lands
Inhabitants Zombies,

The Maze is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode that appears in "A Block and a Hard Place". It is owned by Ivor.



The Maze is located in the Overworld dimension, inside a corner of the Far Lands. The Maze is used to protect Ivor's Cottage from unwanted visitors.


The Maze consists of grass and stone lined paths bound by tall stone walls. The Maze seems neverending, but towards the left, it leads to a Flying Barge which leads to the actual Lab.




  • The Maze was said to have been originally created by Ivor by using the Command Block.
  • No matter Jesse decides to get inside the maze or not, Jesse will finally walk on the walls of the maze. However, he/she starts in different places depending on whether getting inside or not.
  • Strangely, even the rest of the gang climb on the wall, they will later be seen under. It's possible they jumped down.


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