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Lukas' Journal

Lucas writing in his book
Lukas writing in his journal.
Name Lukas' Journal
Aliases: Stupid Book (By Slab)
Little Journal (By Ivor)
Diary (By Ivor)
Owner (s) Lukas (formerly, determinant),
Slab (Taken from Lukas, determinant)
Type Book/Journal
Minecraft 1.3.1
"There are some fascinating and thrilling tales in here."
Slab the Immovable talking about Lukas' journal to Jesse. src

Lukas' Journal is a book taken from The White Pumpkin's mansion (when it was blank), that Lukas started to write in and is now owned by Lukas (or Slab the Immovable, determinant on the player's actions).



Lukas' journal is a simple brown book with white pages. He uses a feather quill to write in it.


The journal mentions about dimensions The New Order has visited, "feelings," and the adventures The New Order went on in each world.



  • Initially, Lukas says that it's a book about different biomes.
    • It's possible that either he's lying about it, or maybe he's just mentioning the biomes in the journal.
  • The item's fate is up to the player entirely, since how Jesse treats Slab determines if the book will remain with Slab, or go back to Lukas.
    • Calling Slab a "big lug" (regardless of whether Jesse did talk to Sebastian) means he will storm off and not join the rebellion in the final battle, meaning failure to recover Lukas' journal.
  • Even if the book is returned to Lukas, Jesse can put the book in the Order Hall or have it stay with Lukas.
    • If Jesse tells Lukas to hold onto the book instead of placing it in the Order Hall (Determinant), he/she will say, "I'm sure you'll have more adventures to put in there."
    • If Jesse chooses to accept Lukas' request and places the book on a pedestal in the Order Hall, he/she will place it on the pedestal that was previously occupied by the Portal Atlas before realizing it is missing.
  • According to Lukas, Jesse is the main hero of his book. (Determinant)
  • When Lukas drops the book upon death, the quill is separate from the book, but in Minecraft, the only way to write is by crafting a book with it, making the book a part of the item.
  • Lukas is shown to use his right hand when writing in his journal.
  • If the journal is retrieved, Lukas will ask Jesse for an end sentence. Jesse can choose either of the 4 choices (This choice ​must be made and is not timed):
    • "Greatest hero ever." (Lukas will call it rather grandiose)
    • "And so evil was vanquished." (Lukas will call it rather grandiose)
    • "Impossible without friends." ("You know something? I really like that.")
    • "We all returned home safe." ("Nice and simple. I like it.")


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