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Lava Race

LavaRace 1920x1080
Name Lava Race
Founder(s): The Old Builders
Type Minigame
Location Near the Competitors' Village and Hadrian's Palace.
"I just hope this next event isn't too... deadly."
Ivor to Jesse's Gang about Lava Race. src

The Lava Race is one of The Games run by the Old Builders. The objective of the game is to race against other teams of Competitors through a series of obstacles without falling into the lava or being eliminated by enemy teams using weapons. At the middle of the race lies Gladiator Junction, where contestants must pass through without being eliminated by gladiators.



The lava race area is located in an area close to the dormitory, connected to a small room where the competitors can line up before the race starts.


  • In the beginning is a long sprint involving falling lava plumes competitors must dodge. The tunnels then converge and the opponents can attack each other, still dodging a huge lava curtain.
  • Then the competitors jump into a stream of water which takes them to Gladiator Junction. The competitors must reach the exit without being killed by the Gladiators.
  • It is then a straightforward vine climb above a lava pool. Jesse has the choice to lose the race and save Nell or win the race and beat Em. Once the climb is done, there is a long stairway to the finish line.



  • The race seems to be similar to the Minecraft game Death Run without the constant flow of different traps.
  • The Yellow team was assumed to be eliminated during the Race, as only Purple, Green, Blue, and Jesse appear in the Walls.
    • However, for a team to be sent to the mines, their entire team must be eliminated. If the whole team really was eliminated, none of them would be present whilst Jesse makes his/her speech, they would already have been sent to the mines.
  • The Lava Race uses a game mechanic unique to Minecraft: Story Mode which involves having to direct Jesse's trajectory using the player's movement keys, (for PC). Previously, in most cases, players simply had to press the correct key when prompted to complete such tasks.
    • This mechanic was possibly intended to make the Lava Race more challenging for players, especially for players using console.


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