Jesse's Gang are the main protagonists of Minecraft: Story Mode.


Original Members

Joined Later

The New Order of the Stone


The New Order of the Stone.

"My friends... I am now pleased to introduce to you... The New Order of the Stone!"
—Gabriel crowning Jesse's gang as The New Order of the Stone 

Jesse's Gang is crowned as The New Order of the Stone in Season 1, Episode 4, "A Block and a Hard Place".


  • Jesse (Leader)
  • Petra (Warrior)
  • Olivia (Redstonist)
  • Axel (Griefer)
  • Lukas (Builder)
  • Ivor (Apothecary/Mage)
  • Emily (Determinant)
  • Radar (Jesse's Assistant/Intern)


  • Jesse mentions Ivor and Lukas when he/she introduces his/her gang as The New Order of the Stone, confirming their status in The New Order of the Stone.
  • Emily is the only member of Jesse's Gang so far who can determinately join.

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