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Jesse's Gang

Jesse's Team
Name Jesse's Gang
Founder(s): Jesse, Axel, Olivia & Reuben
Leader Jesse
Members Jesse, Axel, Olivia, Reuben, Lukas, Petra, Ivor
Allies The Order of the Stone
Enemies The Ocelots (formerly)
Ivor (formerly)
The Wither Storm
The Blaze Rods
First Appearance The Order of the Stone

Jesse's Gang are the main protagonists of Minecraft Story Mode.


Original Members

Joined Later

The New Order Of The Stone

GoOOTS 1024px

The New Order of the Stone

"My friends... I am now pleased to introduce to you... The New Order of the Stone!"
—Gabriel crowning Jesse's gang as the New Order of the Stone 

Jesse's Gang is crowned as New Order Of The Stone in Episode 4 "A Block and a Hard Place".


  • Jesse (Leader)
  • Petra
  • Olivia
  • Axel
  • Lukas
  • Ivor  


  • Jesse mentions Ivor and Lukas when he introduces his gang as the New Order of the Stone, confirming their status in The New Order of Stone.

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