"'The Warriors of the Whispering Mountain call me 'The Stab-Walker.' The Air Titans of the East call me 'He Who Slashes Like Thunder.' But you may call me... 'Jack'."
—Jack introducing himself. src

Jack is a protagonist in Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2. He appears in "Hero in Residence" and is voiced acted by Fred Tatasciore.



Jack has blond-brown hair and a beard, brown eyebrows, and one black pupil and one gray pupil that he calls his "bad eye." He wears a blue vest, black gloves, white pants with brown and blue stripes, and black shoes. His left eye is determinately damaged if the player chooses to rescue Petra instead of him in the Sea Temple.

Jack's clothing can be mainly red in color in Jailhouse Block if the player chose him to get the clock in Giant Consequences.


Much isn't known of Jack's personality yet, but he seems to be a strong fighter and he seems to care and protect his friends, such as Nurm. He also constantly blames himself for the death of his friends.



"You know what? You inspired me."
—Jack to Jesse. (Determinant) src

Much isn't known of Jesse and Jack's relationship, but Jack trusts him/her enough to go to a Sea Temple with them.


"It's just like I told you... Jack might be the best adventure in town!"
—Petra to Jesse about Jack. src

Petra is a fan of Jack and is excited to see him. Other than that, not much is known about Jack and Petra's relationship, except that he trusts her enough to go to the Sea Temple with her and Jesse and even invite her to go adventuring with him. When Jack loses an eye (determinant), Petra feels very sorry for him.


"This is Nurm. My other half."
—Jack presents Nurm to Jesse and Petra. src

Jack and Nurm seem to have a very good relationship, as Jack calls Nurm his "Other Half." Jack seems to care for protecting Nurm, even though it causes Jack to get his eye hurt (determinant), but not much else is known of Jack and Nurm's relationship.


Vos was an old friend of Jack's until they were separted when adventuring to the Sea Temple with Jack, Nurm, and Sammy. Jack was also happy to be reunited with Vos, and Vos was the same. Vos is also worried for Jack when he gets hit by one of the statues controlled by Romeo. (Determinant) But this all changes when Jack finds out in "Giant Consequences" that Vos in front of them was a disguise of Romeo. And shows a lot of grief after The Admin says that the real Vos died in the Sea Temple many years ago.


"I found a Gauntlet just like that once... Teamed up with my friends Vos and Sammy to follow its trail."
—Jack. src

Jack and Sammy were friends, other than that, not much is known of Jack and Sammy's relationship, but Jack is upset over finding out that Sammy was killed by an Elder Guardian in the Sea Temple.



"There are lots of 'signs' in the world; not everyone's brave enough to follow them."
—Jack. (Determinant) src
"Always good to see a hero that knows their own worth."
—Jack to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"The bold silence, the bold beginning."
—Jack noticing Jesse's silence. (Determinant) src
"So what can I do for you today? Desert temple? Woodland manssAAIE - Whoa!"
—Jack to Jesse and Petra before seeing Jesse's Prismarine Gauntlet. src
"The world's a lot bigger than you think it is, Jesse."
—Jack. src
"The 'rules' as you know them? How the world works? Those don't always apply in this Temple."
—Jack to Jesse, Petra, and Nurm before entering the Sea Temple. src
"But burning the map couldn't erase the.. horrible memories. And thanks to my perfect sense of direction, I couldn't forget the location of the Temple if I tried."
—Jack to Jesse and Petra. src
"Yeah. Friends are the best. Love... having friends."
—Jack, reminded of his two deceased friends. (Determinant) src
"It's time to chart a course... for Doom Sea."
—Jack before going on the adventure with Jesse's gang. src
"I trained with the TNT Jugglers of Tristy Cove. 'Careful' is the only way I know."
—Jack. (Determinant) src
"So that must've been the treasure the llama was after."
—Jack to Jesse talking about the diamonds, while solving the puzzle. (Determinant) src
Jack: "Hey! I ever told you about the time I freed the M'undari Fishchasers?"
Jesse: "No?"
Jack: "Then I won't bother, because it wasn't half as impressive as this."
—Jack to Jesse after smashing the Clocksrc
"I need to find him."
—Jack reminding the others about Vos. src
"Vos... the whole time?"
—Jack after Vos reveals his true identity. src


  • Jack is able to understand Villagerese, as shown when he communicates with Nurm.
  • Jack may have suffered from PTSD (Post traumatic Stress Disorder) after his first experience in in the Sea Temple. He displays symptoms such as survivor's guilt, panic attacks, and having a reluctancy to go to the site of the accident.
  • Stella calling Jack "Jacques" might be a reference to the first draft of the game, where Jack was depicted as a person who insisted that his name was pronounced "Jacques." (Link)


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