"What do you think you're doing?!"
—Ivy to Jesse when he/she grabs her. src

Ivy is a minor character in Minecraft: Story Mode. She is the owner of the Slime Booth at EnderCon. She is voiced by G.K. Bowes.



Ivy has long, dark brown hair, and from the back, she looks similar to Ivor. She wears a green shirt and dark, torn pants.


Ivy is portrayed to be a stern individual who is not quick to forgive people for their mistakes and is unwilling to bend the rules for anyone. She also hates people who mess around with her.


"We don't give out slime blocks here. Just slime balls."
—Ivy to Jesse. src
"You could craft your own slime block if you had 9 slime balls..."
—Ivy to Jesse. src
"Get away from me!"
—Ivy to Jesse. src
Jesse: "One more slime ball, please."
Ivy: "I'm afraid not. If I break the rules for you, then I have to break them for everybody, and then I'll be out of slime completely. Sorry."
—Jesse and Ivy when asking for one more slimeball. (Determinant) src



  • At the end of Episode 4, she can be seen with the crowd cheering Jesse on, indicating she was abducted by the Wither Storm, and was then freed.
  • The name, "Ivy," is never shown in-game. It was confirmed by Telltale staff employee.
    • It is possibly given for the resemblance of Ivor.
  • In "A Portal to Mystery", there are hidden game files containing the portraits of her as well as of Calvin. However, they are never shown in game.
  • G.K. Bowes, the voice of Ivy, also voices Maya.


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