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Ivor's Lava House

Mcsm ivor's-vomiting-house
Angry citizens around Ivor's Lava House
Name Ivor's Lava House
Founder(s): Ivor
Aliases Killer House (by Axel)
Type Building
Level Ground
Location Overworld
Inhabitants Ivor
"If anyone's short on lava, this is the place to get more!"
Ivor to everyone src

Ivor's Lava House is a house that Ivor built in "Order Up!". It is a building high up in the air with holes for lava to pour down.



The Lava House is located in a city where Reuben's Memorial is also located.


The house is constructed primarily using stone bricks with several lapis lazuli blocks and a lot of vines and forms into a skull. There is also tentacles to hold the fort up. As the title suggests, there is lava pouring down the side of the building.


  • Ivor (Formerly and determinant)



  • When building the bridge from the island to Sky City, Ivor builds a replica of the house, that consists of a simple skull shape built out of dirt and lava pouring down the side. He claims it is either in honor of his house if it is taken down, or because he "couldn't help himself."
  • If Jesse, upon first seeing the house, claims it is awesome, Axel will agree and a small gray box appears in the left hand corner saying, "Awesome."


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