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Ivor's Cottage

Ivors hut
Ivor's Cottage in the Far Lands.
Name Ivor's Cottage
Founder(s): Ivor
Type Building
Level Ground
Location The Far Lands
Inhabitants Ivor (Formerly)

Ivor's Cottage is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode that appeared in "A Block and a Hard Place". It is located past the Swamp in the Far Lands.



Ivor's Cottage is located on one of the corners of the Far Lands. It is surrounded by a huge maze and a bottomless pit so that unwanted visitors cannot reach it easily. It can be accessed by using a Flying Machine.


It appears to be a cottage from the outside constructed mainly of Stone Bricks, Wood Planks and Quartz Blocks. The laboratory is also partially surrounded by Bedrock. On the interior, there is a library containing a secret chamber that leads to a room full of the Order's treasures, a homage to the Ender Dragon Battle, the Command Block Enchanting Book, and the Ender crystals.




  • If Jesse crafted a Lever in Episode 1, he/she may use it to activate a secret passage without having to craft one. In this case, there will be no Crafting Table in the library.

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