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Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.41.13 PM
Ivor in "A Portal to Mystery"
Name Ivor
Gender Male
Species Human
Latest Known Status Alive
Affiliation Brewer of The Order of the Stone (formerly),
Jesse's Gang,
A Competitor (formerly)
Allies Jesse,
Reuben (Pig),
The Order of the Stone,
Enemies The Wither Storm,
The Blaze Rods,
The Order of the Stone (formerly),
Jesse's Gang (formerly),
The White Pumpkin/Cassie Rose,
Mind Controlled Citizens (formerly),
Hostile Mobs,
Lukas (unwillingly),
Petra (unwillingly),
First Appearance "The Order of the Stone"
Latest Appearance "A Journey's End?"

"Don't make yourselves the villains in my story."
—Ivor to Jesse and Petra/Gabriel the Warriorsrc

Ivor is the secondary antagonist/false antagonist (turned protagonist) in Minecraft: Story Mode. He is a disgruntled former member of The Order of the Stone. He is voiced by Paul Reubens. He first appeared in ​"The Order of the Stone".



Ivor has slick black hair, a long beard and wears an olive green coat and pants with a belt with a Lapis Lazuli gem on. In one of the flashbacks, he was shown to have armor with an olive and blue tinge to it. He also wore fingerless gloves and gold boots.


Ivor, at first, appears to be grumpy, impatient, and arrogant. In earlier episodes, Ivor was shown to be a shady man with a grudge against Gabriel and the Order of the Stone, and since he created the Wither Storm, he was thought to be the antagonist.

As the story progressed, however, the truth about the Order of the Stone was discovered and Ivor's true motives were revealed. He redeems himself by helping Jesse defeat the Witherstorm by giving Jesse the enchanted book. He also finds Jesse's group and warns them about the Wither Storms following the Amulet, and shows remorse when he finds out that Jesse had Gabriel's Amulet and, thus, the Wither Storms were following him/her.

Ivor has since become a supporting character who accompanies the New Order of the Stone on their adventures. Now he is on good terms with them. He is shown to be much more excitable, but is still very eccentric and thinks himself to be greater than the community. He is even directly responsible for saving Jesse's life in Sky City by pushing him/her out of the way of some Ghast`s fireballs. He also grabbed Jesse's hand when the two fell off a waterfall, and also tells Jesse that he/she is a good friend when Jesse says he/she I'm think I whas your friend. Then Ivor thanks Jesse from saving him in Spleef over Petra (determinant).



"Ivor's awesome."
—Jesse to Petra about Ivor. (Determinant) src

In the beginning, Ivor and Jesse were enemies. However, when Jesse finds out that Ivor is not a bad guy, their relationship becomes much more stable as they become good friends. Jesse also thinks that Ivor sometimes makes him/her laugh. Ivor also shows compassion for Jesse by helping him/her when in trouble, even saving his/her life at one point.


"Yes, though she can be impulsive and fly off the handle, Petra's survival instincts are very sharp."
—Ivor, about Petra. (Determinant) 

Petra and Ivor do not have a good relationship with each other. As of Episode 5, Petra is the only person who still holds a grudge against Ivor. Throughout the episode, Petra is constantly angry at him and disliked Ivor's idea of getting arrested to get in the palace, so she did not go with him. In Episode 6, Petra appreciated Ivor volunteering to watch over Lukas.


"But don't go getting any funny ideas, blond guy! This isn't because I like you or anything."
—Ivor to Lukas, when he decides to watch over Lukas. src

At first, Lukas and Ivor weren't shown interacting. Due to Ivor scamming Petra on a deal, Lukas presumably held a grudge against him. However, when the truth about the Order and Ivor's true motives were revealed, Lukas' opinion about him changes. Since then, they are shown to have a basic, yet positive relationship. Ivor also volunteers to help Lukas in Episode 6, showing he cares about him as well, though Ivor denies he does. When Ivor appears without his "adventuring clothes," Lukas finds his appearance funny and says he can't take him seriously looking like that, which Ivor responds to by saying his outfit breathes wonderfully.


"You're amazing..."
—Ivor after Harper returns to Crown Mesa/leaves the gang. src

Ivor is shown to respect Harper. He empathizes with her, possibly because they both have a similar history with both their creations going out of hand. He even calls her an "intriguing person". In episode 8, Ivor may have developed an interest to Harper, as he kept the rose from her laboratory.

Killed Victims

The list below shows the victims Ivor has killed:



"I am not required to tell you anything!"
—Ivor to Jesse and Sorensrc
"Nothing built can last forever, Gabriel."
—Ivor to Gabriel before creating the Wither Stormsrc
"I would wish you good luck, but luck won't carry you through the Nether. "
—Ivor to Jesse's Gangsrc
"If you won't leave of your own volition, I'll happily remove you myself!"
—Ivor to Jesse's Gang.  src
"This isn't about the past! It's about the future!"
—Ivor to Soren. src
"If he REALLY wanted you to not like us he would have told you about the Witherstorm..."
—Ivor to Reginald. (Determinant) src
"Look, my Wither plan obviously backfired."
—Ivor to everyone. src
Woman: "It's a fire hazard!"
Ivor: "And your face is an ugly hazard."
—Ivor arguing with an unknown woman. src
"Long live my Lava House! Long live lava!"
—Ivor about his new house. (Determinant) src
"Show our friends the door, will you?"
—Ivor to his Iron Golem. src
"These trees are enormous! I love it so much!"
—Ivor when walking to the temple. src
—Ivor to an unknown sky city citizen. src
"Oh, I don't run so good anymore. Bad, eh, bad knees."
—Ivor to the gang. src
"Something touched my foot! Who touched my foot?"
—Ivor upon the kitchen lights blacking out. src
"They're absolutely exquisite! Perfect!"
—Ivor when looking at his portrait. src
"What a strange, strange bunch of individuals."
—Ivor upon the departure of the YouTubers from Episode 6. src
"And that's where she wanted US to end up."
—Ivor upon Cassie Rose being trapped. src
—Ivor breaking the fourth wall in A Portal to Mystery. src
"I must say that woman has been the most intriguing person so far. I'm still not entirely sure what to make of her. Granted, her creation nearly ended up destroying this world... But, considering my own history, I'm inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt!"
—Ivor, talking about Harper. 
"What I thought that Harper might want it back.......or maybe I'll just keep it..."
—Ivor to Jesse when going though everyone's inventory, and finds a flower. src
"I... ugh... I couldn't have done it without you is what I'm trying to say. Really not a fan of admitting that."
—Ivor thanking Jesse in the Competitor's Villagesrc
"Team Jess-vor has this one down! Or it is team I-seee?"
—Ivor to Jesse in the Dormitory. src
"Shut up! My outfit breathes wonderfully!"
—Ivor regarding his rather undignified appearance. src
Lukas: "Have you seen what Ivor is wearing?"
Ivor: "I said- SHUT UP!"
—Ivor and Lukas after Jesse returns to Competitor's Village. (Determinant) src
"Oh, snap!"
—Ivor to Jesse. src
"Not my fault!"
—-Ivor to a townsperson about his lava house src
Isa: "Being the Founder and the Eversource for so long, now we can be Isa and her best friend...Benedict."
Ivor: "Ugh! That's a boy's name!"
Isa: "What a close-minded attitude."
—Isa to Ivor about the Eversource's new name. src
Ivor: "Look, my Wither plan obviously backfired."
Olivia: "Ya think?!"
—Ivor telling the downfall of his plan. 


  • Ivor is the first person to create a major antagonist, the Wither Storm, in the series.
  • In Episode 1, when Ivor comes through the Nether Portal, Jesse has an option to punch him. Later, Jesse can apologize about punching him when his true motives are discovered.
  • Unlike the rest of the Order of the Stone, Ivor's skill is never mentioned. However, he is most likely an alchemist/enchanter due to his frequent usage of potions and enchantments.
  • Ivor breaks the fourth wall in "A Portal to Mystery" by winking at the player and saying "Adventure!"
  • In the Adventure Pass thumbnail, Ivor seems to have a second appearance with his armor, except with no helmet on.
  • In Episode 7, after Jesse kills an unchipped zombie, Ivor's sword appears to be a stone sword from the one side and a gold one from the other.
  • Based on some of his comments and his keeping of a rose from Episode 8, Ivor may have a romantic interest in Harper.
    • This however, might have been purely platonic, and just a compliment to Harper.
  • Ivor is seen without his "Adventuring Clothes" in "A Journey's End?". He appears to wear a white vest and striped blue shorts, much to Jesse's (Determinant) and Lukas' amusement.
  • Ivor is the only member of the Old Order who have appeared in all episodes from 5 to 8.
  • Ivor says the very same thing the Narrator said in the beginning of Episode 1: "Nothing built can last forever." He says that when he builds the Wither and when it's about to be made.
  • In the Adventure Pass' advertising art, Ivor has his armor from Episode 1, but never has it on in Episodes 6, 7, nor 8. He has all of it on except for his helmet.
  • Ivor was a member of the Order of the Stone who left/got kicked out due to the rest of the group's lies about the Ender Dragon.
  • One of Ivor's favorite things is lava, as shown in his lava house and his lava "heart" in Sky City.
  • Ivor is the only character to be in the Old Order of the Stone and the New Order of the Stone.


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