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The Found And His Guards
Isa about to talk to the citizens of Sky City
Name Isa
Gender Female
Species Human
Latest Known Status Alive
Affiliation Founder of Sky City,
The Old Builders (possibly)
Allies Jesse's Gang,
Milo (determinant),
The Blaze Rods (formerly),
Soren (possibly),
The Old Builders (possibly),
Harper (possibly),
Other Sky City Guards,
Other Townspersons
Enemies The Blaze Rods,
Jesse's Gang (formerly)
First Appearance "Order Up!"
Latest Appearance "Order Up!"

"After so long being the Founder and the Eversource, now we can just be 'Isa' and her best friend... Benedict."
—Isa to Jesse's Gangsrc

Isa, also known as The Founder, is a supportive character in Minecraft: Story Mode. She is the founder and leader of Sky City. She is voiced by Melissa Hutchinson. She first appears in "Order Up!".



Isa appears to be a mature, dominant woman with black hair who wears a long golden gown and a golden crown. She is the strict ruler of Sky City and is responsible of her citizens and what they craft, build, and smelt.


Isa is portrayed to be a dominant and controlling character who likes to be in charge. At first, she seems negative, however, as the story progresses, she becomes supportive of Jesse and his/her gang. She is also a great martial artist, duelist and builder. Jesse can even say to Milo that Isa's heart is in the right place.

Killed Victims



"And when something is gone forever."
—Isa to Jesse in Sky City. (Determinant) src
—Isa, (sarcastically) to Jesse, after being called a control freak, (Determinant) 
"I can't decide whether I want our death to be painless for my sake, or excruciating for yours!"
—Isa to Jesse. src
"This has been down here the whole time..."
—Isa discovering ground bellow sky city 
"I guess the era of Sky City is over..."
—Isa. src
"People of Sky City, a crime has been committed."
—Isa to citizens of Sky City. src
"I believe so, and when I get up there I'm gonna tear those Blaze Rods limb from limb."
—Isa to Jesse, about to head back up to Sky City 


  • She has a similar appearance to the white female Jesse.
  • Isa is the first character in Minecraft: Story Mode that dual wields swords.
  • Her voice actor, Melissa Hutchison, also voiced Clementine in The Walking Dead Season 1, 2 and 3, and T.J. and Beauty in The Wolf Among Us.
  • Reginald explains that Isa is solely responsible for the construction of Sky City.
  • There's a theory where Isa is an Old Builder or she has connection with the Old builders, because the Old Builders had the Eversource and Isa has it.
    • This may also be false as she didn't know what the Sky City Portal was after it was unveiled, and since the old builders claim that they had multiple ever source chickens.
  • Isa might've known Soren the Architect because she has a book by him called "Habits of the Endermen".


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