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Jesse holding the invitation
Name Invitation
Aliases: Tome
Owner (s) Jesse,
Cassie Rose,
Type Book
Minecraft As a regular book (excluding text)

The Invitation was a book in Minecraft: Story Mode that first appeared in "A Portal to Mystery". It was written by The Host.


"Read immediately, your life depends on it! Greetings, traveler. I humbly invite you to my mansion for an evening of food and festivities with your fellow adventurers. Come to my home on the hill, just follow the path. Please look out for zombies. Sincerely, the Host"
—The Invitation Book 


  • The YouTubersTorqueDawg, and Cassie Rose also claimed to have received an invitation from The Host.
  • The "Host" was later revealed to be The White Pumpkin.
  • It can be speculated that the reason The White Pumpkin had so many zombies spawning was to have the people who read the invitation be forced to run to The White Pumpkin's mansion for safety.


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