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Jesse, one of the humans in Minecraft: Story Mode.
Name Human
Hostile? Determinantly by personality
Drops What they had in their inventory
Appearances Entire series
Update Pre 0.0.0

"There are so many of them, I-I can't save them all.""
Gabriel the Warrior about all the humans getting abducted by the Wither Stormsrc

Humans are types of species that appear in Minecraft: Story Mode. They inhabit many dimensions, including the Overworld.

Different Types

Normal Build

The normal build is 2 blocks high and a little less than one block broad. Examples of a human of normal build are Jesse from Minecraft: Story Mode or Steve from Minecraft.

Bigger Build

The bigger build is about 2.5 blocks high and 2 blocks broad. Examples of a human with a bigger build is Axel and Usher from Minecraft: Story Mode. This build currently does not exist in normal Minecraft and is unique to Minecraft: Story Mode. There's another character with a bigger build who is wearing black at the end of "A Block and a Hard Place", after Reuben dies. Various characters have big builds in "A Journey's End?", like the Gladiators and Emily.


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