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Mcsm ep8 herzog
Herzog talking to Jesse
Name Herzog
Gender Male
Species Human
Latest Known Status Alive
Affiliation A Competitor,
The Games
Allies Emily,
Enemies Gladiators,
The Old Builders
First Appearance "A Journey's End?"
Latest Appearance "A Journey's End?"

"We can do this."
—Herzog to Jesse. (Determinant) src

Herzog​ is a competitor and minor character in Minecraft: Story Mode. ​He first appeared in "A Journey's End?​".



He seems happy if Jesse works together in the Lava Race, but his personality is not explored.


He has a green jump-suit, a dark skin tone, and black eyes.


"Sorry, but you're gonna lose now."
—Herzog to Jesse. (Determinant) src


  • His name was found by Eric Stripe, one of the writers of Minecraft: Story Mode, on his Tumblr. (Link)
  • Herzog was originally going to be a large part of Episode 8, but Telltale Games decided that Nell could handle the role of the "friendly competitor" by herself.


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