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Mcsm ep7 harry
Harry talking to Harper and Jesse's Gang
Name Harry
Gender Male
Species Human
Latest Known Status Alive
Affiliation Mind-Controlled Citizens (formerly and unwillingly)
Crown Mesa
Allies Jesse's Gang,
Harper (formerly, unwillingly, and determinant),
PAMA (formerly and unwillingly),
Hostile Mobs (formerly and unwillingly),
Lukas (unwillingly),
Petra (unwillingly)
Enemies PAMA,
Hostile Mobs,
Jesse's Gang (unwillingly and formerly),
Harper (unwillingly, formerly, and determinant)
First Appearance "Access Denied"
Latest Appearance "Access Denied"

"Wow! Well, thank you. We owe you everything."
—Harry to Jesse's Gang after being rescued, (determinant). src

Harry ​is a minor character who is in Minecraft: Story Mode. He first appeared in "Access Denied" and a resident of Crown Mesa.



Harry has a dark skin tone, wears red, gray, and black clothes, and has brown hair.


He appears nice if Jesse defends Harper but appears rude if Jesse does not. He does have bits of respect for Jesse and the others, as they saved him. Other than that, his personality is not much explored. Determinately, he can be happy or mad about Harper since she caused PAMA.


"So, what, we're just supposed to forgive her now?"
—Harry talking about Harper. (Determinant). src
"See you soon, Harper!"
—Harry to Harper. (Determinant). src


  • Harry is one of the few characters that have a dark skin tone.
  • There is a robot greeter made by Harper that is based off of him.
    • There might also be other citizens named "Ron" and "Margaret" because of the other robots.
  • Harry is the only resident in Crown Mesa with their name confirmed.
  • He is possibly voiced by Arthur von Nagel, as mentioned by Eric Stirpe, a writer for Minecraft: Story Mode.
  • Both he and Ron may be references to the Harry Potter series.


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