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"We need to get to my secret lab."
—-Harper telling Ivor and Jesse about her lab src

Harper's Secret Laboratory

Jesse, Lukas, and Ivor inside Harper's Secret Laboratory
Name Harper's Secret Laboratory
Type Bunker
Level Underground
Location In another dimension, in a Mesa Biome.
Inhabitants Harper,
PAMA (formerly),
Ron (robot),
Margaret (robot),
Harry (robot),
An unnamed Robot Greeter

Harper's Secret Laboratory is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode. It appears in "Access Denied". It is owned by Harper.



Harper's Secret Laboratory is a small laboratory located underground in an unknown dimension. The laboratory was originally built by Harper and contains a number of her inventions. The lab is located at the end of a large cave which serves as a hallway. The cave can be accessed by falling down a huge hole located on the surface. The hole is opened by activating a hidden lever behind a cactus.


Haper's laboratory appears to be built at the end of a large cave. The laboratory's interior has walls made of stone. The floor and ceiling are consist of other blocks for decoration. The cave leading to the lab mainly consists of Red Sand and Hardened Clay. Sea Lanterns are used throughout the lab and cave as an effective means of lighting. Also, the Lab appears to be darker than the cave.


  • Harper
  • Harry (Robot)
  • Margaret (Robot)
  • Ron (Robot)
  • An unnamed Robot Greeter
  • PAMA (Formerly as a computer)




  • The laboratory is located underneath a Mesa Biome at the end of a large cave.
  • The laboratory contains several machines named after her past friends at Crown Mesa. They use a jukebox for voices and are constructed out of blocks, with a Mob Head on top and Levers for arms. It is believed that Harper constructed these machines to help cope with her loneliness.
  • The Laboratory also has a secret water defense system outside its entrance. The defense system uses complex Redstone circuitry and is used to defend the Laboratory against entities controlled by PAMA, due to mind-controlled entities' weakness to water.
  • Soren's book, The Redstone Heart, can be found inside her lab, near where Ivor is standing.
  • Harper was taken by a spider inside her own lab by Petra/Lukas.

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