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Jesse's Gang at the Graveyard
Type Location
Level Surface
Location In A Swamp Biome.
Inhabitants Zombies
"Besides, unless the next portal is disguised as a tombstone, I'm not seeing it anywhere near here!"
—Ivor at the Graveyard src

The Graveyard is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode that first appeared in "A Portal to Mystery".



The Graveyard was the spawn-point of the unknown world where Jesse's Gang end up in "A Portal to Mystery". It appears to be in a swamp biome. The area is also infested with Zombies spawned underneath the Mansion.


The Graveyard was a small fenced off area consisting mainly of cobblestone and iron bars. It could be entered through a large cobblestone gateway. It contained several graves along with an Invitation from the host (White Pumpkin).




  • The Graveyard was the place where Jesse's Gang realized they were not in their own world.
  • It can be assumed The White Pumpkin was the one to build the graveyard, as it is where her invitations were planted.


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