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The Giant Magma Golem is a boss mob that appears in "Below the Bedrock". It is an iron golem variant, made up of magma and cobblestone, created by Romeo.


It is made of cobblestone and lava, with its arms, legs, and chest covered in fire.


  • In "Below the Bedrock", when Jesse, Petra, and Radar are trying to get to Fred's cabin, they go through gates, guarded by Val and Soup. Once inside, the three have to pull three levers. Romeo's voice is then heard through a jukebox, starting the challenge. Waves of magma cubes and smaller versions of the Giant Magma Golem then come out. After defeating them, the Giant Magma Golem comes out of the ground, and Jesse needs to fight it while Petra and Radar both distract the golem.


Killed by

  • Jesse (Indirectly)
  • Water

When the Giant Magma Golem appears, Jesse has to set off pressure plates triggering a waterfall, and the water falls on its arms. Jesse uses an iron pickaxe to destroy its two arms, but the pickaxe breaks. With some leftover sand and gunpowder, Jesse is able to craft TNT. Jesse then places the TNT under the Golem's foot, and when the Golem steps on it, it explodes the ground and floor, uncovering a pool of water. The golem then falls into the water, and dies.

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