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Gabriel's Temple

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.19.56 PM
A Nether Portal inside the temple.
Founder(s): Gabriel the Warrior
Type Temple
Level Ground
Location Overworld
Inhabitants Gabriel the Warrior (Formerly)

Gabriel's Temple is a building and location in Minecraft: Story Mode. It is only seen in "The Order of the Stone".



Gabriel's Temple was located somewhere near EnderCon, past a forest.


Gabriel's temple appears to be constructed mainly of stone bricks. The interior contains a room with several levers, with one unlocking the inner obsidian chamber with an usually unlit Nether Portal inside it.




  • The temple was destroyed by the Wither Storm in Episode 1, even though the inner chamber was made out of obsidian. This may be a reference that a Wither is able to break obsidian in regular Minecraft.


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