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Minecraft Information

This page contains information on a feature which is in Minecraft. Please visit the Minecraft Wiki for more information on the topic.

Far Lands

A view of the Far Lands
Name Far Lands
Founder(s): Ivor
Aliases Wall-of-Insanity (by Olivia, determinant),
Crazy Wall Thingy (by Olivia, determinant)
Type Natural
Location Overworld
Inhabitants Ivor,
Hostile Mobs
"They're not just the edge of our world, but the limits of our comprehension!"
Soren the Architect to Jesse's Gang about the Far Lands. src

The Far Lands are a naturally occurring anomaly that are located at the edges of the Overworld



The Far Lands are located at the edges and corners of the world of Minecraft


The beginning of the Far Lands is marked by a huge wall consisting of dirt. It contains several cracks through which players can enter it. Inside, it is possible to build almost impossible things, because the Far Lands do not obey the laws of Minecraft. The Far Lands contain floating islands, waterfalls and pits that drop into the Void.





  • In regular Minecraft, the Far Lands are considered to be a bug that occurs at the edge of the world, which has been removed in Beta 1.8.
    • However, since in Minecraft PC, the world is infinite, such an anomaly could never exist.
  • In Episode Four, Jesse has the option to call the Far Lands one of the "weirdest places in the world" which is an option when he/she is in the Nether as well.


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