Fangirl is a minor character who is in Minecraft: Story Mode and first appeared in "Order Up!". She is a resident of Beacontown and is voiced by Katrina Carras.



Fangirl has greenish-brown hair, with gray eyebrows, green eyes, a blue shirt, and a red tie.


Fangirl seems exilted of Jesse and the gang's arrival in Episode 5, but other than that, her personality is unknown.


Season One

  • "Order Up!"

Season Two


"Run! Tell everyone that our heroes have returned!"
—Fangirl telling a townsperson to tell everyone about Jesse and the gang's arrival back to Beacontown. src
"Welcome back!"
—Fangirl to Jesse. src
"Jesse high-fived me. Me!"
—Fangirl if Jesse high-fives Fangirl, (determinant). src
"Well, maybe next time...?"
—Fangirl to Jesse if he/she doesn't high-five Fangirl, (determinant). src


  • Fangirl's name was confirmed by Eric Stirpe, the lead writer of Minecraft: Story Mode.[1]
  • There was also a voiced unknown character named "Fangirl" in Episode 1, however, no evidence shows that they are the same one.
  • Fangirl's voice actress was confirmed to be Katrina Carras by Eric Stirpe, another employee of Telltale Games, here: [2]



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