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Enderman Suit

Jesse wearing an Enderman Suit
Name Enderman Suit
Aliases: Enderman Costume,
Disguise (by Olivia)
Owner (s) Soren the Architect,
Type Disguise
Minecraft N/A

An Enderman Suit is a disguise that can be worn in Minecraft: Story Mode. It is used to disguise a human so he/she can approach and study Endermen without making them hostile.



  • Soren also has a taller Enderman Suit which he wears to safely study Endermen.
  • Jesse claims the Enderman Suit smells like an Enderman as well.
  • If Jesse talk with Olivia when wearing the Enderman suit, Olivia will appear spooked by it.
  • Soren could be seen wearing the Enderman suit when looking outside.
    • When the screen goes out of the laboratory after Jesse and Olivia listen to a record, Soren can be seen with the Tall Enderman Suit.
    • If Jesse looks at the window downstairs, an Enderman teleports to him/her but doesn't get provoked. Soren can be seen while this happens.
    • If Jesse looks at the window upstairs, Soren can be easily seen at this point.


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