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Minecraft Information

This page contains information on a feature which is in Minecraft. Please visit the Minecraft Wiki for more information on the topic.


An Enderman in Minecraft
Name Enderman
Hostile? When disturbed or eye contacted
Drops Ender Pearls
Appearances "Assembly Required",
"The Last Place You Look",
"A Block and a Hard Place"
Update Beta 1.8

Endermen are neutral mobs in Minecraft: Story Mode. Most of them are commonly found in The End, though they can naturally spawn in the Overworld in dark areas. They can also spawn in The Nether, though much less frequently. 



Endermen have the ability to pick up and place blocks. Some endermen, who have been trained by Soren, can even build simple structures. They will teleport, on its own will, or if they are targeted by a thrown snowball, potion or shot arrow.



  • Endermen have been shown to "hate" water, therefore, when the End was flooded, they all entered the Overworld to escape from the water.
    • They returned to The End after the Wither Storm's demise.
  • In Minecraft, a player is unable to take a block held by an enderman without killing it.
    • However, in Minecraft: Story Mode, this does not count, as Jesse is able to simply take the block right of an enderman's hand.
      • Jesse can also knock a block out of an enderman's hands in Episode 4.
  • As they also "hate" being looked at in the eye, endermen were provoked by the Wither Storm's tractor beam, as it was the Storm's "eye."
    • It might also be because they get affected by the beam.
  • "Gary" and "Sally" are mentioned in Soren's Enderman Song. They could possibly be Endermen.
  • There is a rare chance that endermen will spawn in the The Nether.
  • In "Order Up!" and "A Portal to Mystery", two of the four books that Soren has wrote, which are about Endermen, can be found on bookshelves. Soren's other two books ,which don't involve Enderman, can be found in "Access Denied " and "A Journey's End?"


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