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Minecraft Information

This page contains information on a feature which is in Minecraft. Please visit the Minecraft Wiki for more information on the topic.

The Ender Dragon
The Ender Dragon In Minecraft
Name The Ender Dragon
Gender Female
Species Ender Dragon
Latest Known Status Deceased (Zapped out of reality)
Affiliation The End
Allies Endermen
Enemies Gabriel the Warrior,
Magnus the Rogue,
Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer,
Soren the Architect,
First Appearance "The Order of the Stone" (Mentioned)
Latest Appearance "A Block and a Hard Place" (Flashback)

"...Only then did Gabriel deliver his famous, final blow... We became heroes, and eventually legends."
Soren the Architect to Jesse about the Ender Dragon fight src

The Ender Dragon was a legendary beast which inhabited The End, and was hostile to anyone who came to the dimension. She was killed by the Order of the Stone.



The Ender Dragon was a giant black dragon with large wings and spikes. She had dark purple eyes similar to those of Endermen.


The Ender Dragon had the ability to fly, could shoot Acid Charges from her mouth and spew acid at her victims. She would also be continuously healed by the Ender Crystals.


Killed By

After the Order of the Stone entered The End, Soren zapped the Ender Dragon out of existence using the Command Block. Ivor took the Ender Crystals and the Ender Dragon was not seen thereafter. In Soren's story, the Order helped destroy the Ender Crystals. Gabriel finished the battle by "tapping" the Ender Dragon with his sword.


  • Red dragons were originally going to be in Minecraft.
  • Notch mentioned that the Ender Dragon is a female.
    • Only female creatures can lay eggs and give birth, because if you defeat the Ender Dragon in normal Minecraft, you can get her egg.
  • The Ender Dragon is one of only mobs to have a gender.
  • It is now possible in Minecraft to re-spawn the Ender Dragon using 4 Ender Crystals.


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