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EnderCon Building Competition

Jesse, Olivia, and Axel on top of their Fireworks Display
Type Build Contest
Location EnderCon

The EnderCon Building Competition was an annual event organized as a prelude to EnderCon. Jesse's Gang gets the choice to build a Creeper, Enderman, or a Zombie in the competition. It first appeared in ​"The Order of the Stone".



The EnderCon Build Competition used to be held sometime before EnderCon. Participants would be given a limited amount of time to build something functional and appealing.


The best build would be displayed at EnderCon. The winners would also get some sort of reward, for example, the winners of the last Building Competition would get to meet Gabriel the Warrior.



  • Jesse's gang mentions that they used to lose to The Ocelots every year.
    • If Jesse asks Axel and Olivia for saving their chosen build, then Jesse's gang will win the Building Competition; if he/she tells them to help find Reuben with him/her, then their build will burn down and the Ocelots will win the competition once again.
    • Olivia also mentions that Jesse's gang lost nine years in a row.
  • After arriving at the EnderCon Building Competition, if Jesse does not choose a team name, then Jesse's Gang will be called the "No-names" by the EnderCon Announcer.
  • When entering the EnderCon Building Competition, Axel will get stuck in the gate, much to The Ocelots' amusement. This is attributed to his size, which is much larger than most other characters.


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