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"Holy crap. An End Portal?"
Olivia, after discovering an End Portal in Soren's Fortresssrc

An End Portal Frame is a block used to make End Portals.



  • In "The Last Place You Look", there is an end portal in Soren's Fortress, which consists of portal frames, along with eyes of ender.


End portal frames are used in the creation of the end portal. One must have twelve end portal Frames, in a 4x4 grid without the corners, with eyes of ender on each one and the ignition from a Flint and Steel.


  • In regular Minecraft, the end portal frame can only be destroyed in Creative mode. Ever since 1.4, end portal frames have been added to the creative menu.
  • Breaking an end portal frame makes the same sound of a glass block breaking.
  • End portal frames are slightly larger than slabs.
  • End portal frames cannot be crafted or obtained in Survival Mode.

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