For the regular, non-enchanted tool, see Flint and Steel.
"We have castles filled with chests, which are filled with flints and steels."
Hadrian to Jesse upon seeing the cyan Enchanted Flint and Steel. src

The Enchanted Flint and Steels (a.k.a. Glowing Flint and Steel or Portal Key) are Minecraft: Story Mode exclusive variants of the flint and steel that can be used to activate special portals, such as the Sky City Portal and Mansion Portal. They can also be used to create unique three block-high flames.



The enchanted flint and steels are known to be nearly identical to their normal counterpart. However, the enchanted variants are glowing an abnormal color, such as light blue.


When struck, it makes a three block tall colored flame. It can be used to light up special portals.


Notable Owners


  • Hadrian mentions there are castles in many worlds that have flint and steels.
    • The temple might be one of the "castles" he mentioned.
  • In "Order Up!", Jesse will always find the enchanted flint and steel inside the Temple of the Old Builders regardless of which chest he/she chooses to open.
  • The color of the cyan enchanted flint and steel appears to resemble diamond, while the color of the green set appears to resemble emerald.
  • The green enchanted flint and steel could possibly light a green flame.
  • When an enchanted flint and steel is used to light netherrack on fire, it will burn forever unless extinguished, just like in Minecraft.
  • In Minecraft, it is possible to enchant regular flint and steel with the Unbreaking and Mending enchantments, however, this is not the same as the enchanted flint and steels found in Minecraft: Story Mode, as mentioned by Olivia.
  • As shown near the end of "A Portal to Mystery" as well as in Minecraft, the enchanted flint and steel can also be used as a weapon.
    • Jesse uses it to set the White Pumpkin on fire, as well as fling it into the air.
  • It is unknown if there is a separate set in Crown Mesa in "Access Denied".
    • If there is, it could be a red one that resembles redstone and would possibly light a red flame.
  • It was confirmed by Hadrian (determinant) that The Old Builders own chests full of enchanted flint and steels, possibly one for each portal in the Portal Network.