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Dragon Egg

A Dragon Egg in Minecraft
Name Dragon Egg
Aliases: Ender Dragon Egg (by Jesse)
Owner (s) Ender Dragon (formerly)
Jesse (temporarily),
The Order of The Stone (formerly)
Type Gravity Block
Minecraft 1.0.0
 The Ender Dragon Egg is an item in Minecraft: Story Mode. It was dropped by the Ender Dragon.



  • The Order of the Stone once gave the dragon egg to Ivor, along with several other treasures to prevent him from revealing their secrets.
  • In Minecraft: Story Mode, Jesse can pick up the dragon egg directly.
    • In Minecraft, the dragon egg cannot be picked up unless the player pushes it using a piston or placing a torch under a block under the egg and destroying the block.
  • In order to put the dragon's egg into the Treasure Room, someone would have destroyed a part of Ivor's secret laboratory to collect it, as it had been used to open the doors and there is no way to get another one.

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