"We have a winner! The [name Jesse chose]."
—The Death Bowl Announcer to all the spectators at the Death Bowl. src

The Death Bowl Announcer is a minor character in Minecraft: Story Mode and a resident of Boom Town. He appeared as a determinant character in "Assembly Required" as the announcer and referee of the Death Bowl. He is voiced by A.J. Riebli III.



The Death Bowl Announcer wears a white/grayish pair of 3-D glasses and a black tuxedo. He has pale skin and brown hair.


The Death Bowl Announcer is a boisterous character who appears to be a good crowd-controller since he is able to control many griefers present at the Death Bowl.


"And you - what name do you go by?"
—The Death Bowl Announcer asking Jesse for his/her name. src
"It's just the winner sometimes, I don't know, gives a speech...?"
—The Death Bowl Announcer to Jesse. src


  • The Death Bowl Announcer was thought to be dead when he falls over the edge during the Death Bowl match shown in "Assembly Required", but he managed to hold on and announce the result.
  • The Death Bowl announcer can be seen alongside Nohr in "A Block and a Hard Place" after the Wither Storm's death.


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