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Unofficial Name

This page contains information on a subject that does not yet have an official name. Once an official name is given to the subject or character, this template can be removed.

Mcsm ep1 dj
The DJ sitting at her booth
Name DJ
Gender Female
Species Human
Latest Known Status Unknown
Affiliation Being a DJ at EnderCon
Enemies The Wither Storm
First Appearance "The Order of the Stone"
Latest Appearance "A Block and a Hard Place"

The DJ is a minor character in Minecraft: Story Mode who first appears in "The Order of the Stone".



The DJ appears to be a young woman wearing a black dress and purplish-pink headphones, with purple lipstick. 


The DJ seems to have a fun-loving personality, and appreciates people who enjoy her music. 


  • She is first seen at EnderCon, playing music on some note blocks.
  • Jesse can choose to dance at her music, in which case she will wink at him/her.
  • If Jesse walks up to the DJ, but does nothing, they will be stuck in that area until they exit and come back into the game, since the game will not progress.
  • She does not have any lines.
  • She doesn't have an official name, as mentioned by Eric Stirpe.
    • He says he thinks of her as "DJ Blipz."


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