"Redstone means smart people!"
Petra suggesting her friends enter the Crown Mesa Portal. src

The Crown Mesa Portal is a portal in Minecraft: Story Mode. It leads to Crown Mesa from The Portal Network, and vice versa. The Portal is activated by using an Enchanted Flint and Steel.



Two such Portals are known to exist in Minecraft: Story Mode. One Portal is found inside the Portal Hallway which leads to Crown Mesa. Another Portal is located in Crown Mesa after being built in "Access Denied", and leads back to the Portal Hallway.


In the Portal Hallway, the Crown Mesa Portal appears to made out of Redstone Blocks which surround the inner deep-red center. The other portal, located in Crown Mesa, also has an additional border of Gold Blocks surrounding the actual portal.



  • The Crown Mesa Portal is not available in Minecraft, making it exclusive to Minecraft: Story Mode.
  • The Crown Mesa Portal is probably the newest portal, as it was built during Episode 7.
  • The original portal leading from Crown Mesa to the Portal Hallway was destroyed by Harper to keep PAMA from spreading to other worlds.
    • However, it was rebuilt by PAMA when it took control of Harper, as she was the only citizen in Crown Mesa who knows how to build and activate the portal. Interestingly enough, unless Harper owned a set of Enchanted Flint and Steel, even a fully-built portal would not lead PAMA to the Portal Hallway.
  • The portal being made of Redstone Blocks is a reference that a Redstone Machine is inside the world.